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HaganaH USA – Where the young get strong and the strong stay young

About Us

The HaganaH-USA location in Davie serves as the National Headquarters of the F.I.G.H.T system in the US and is a state of the art self-defense and combat-fitness training facility dedicated to providing the best possible and most rewarding training experience to our customers. HaganaH-USA and affiliates have been providing training in Israeli self-defense systems for over 15 years.

Force-on-Force Self-Defense and Combat-Fitness development programs are what we do. And, we do it better than anyone else. Period. We aren't a generic karate school just offering some self defense training on the side. We are clearly the Top Of The Food Chain in Reality-Fighting in South Florida.

In addition to offering many HaganaH self-defense and combat-fitness classes for people of all ages, at the Davie location we house the national headquarters of the HaganaH/F.I.G.H.T. system - which oversees more than 50 Authorized Training Centers nationwide and several International locations as well. IDFS/IHF has relationships with many law enforcement professionals and military units. We continually enhance our methods and pass on that knowledge to our customers.

Our founder and Chief Instructor, Mike Lee Kanarek
, Israeli Special Forces Veteran is based out of the Davie location and teaches most of the classes.

About the HaganaH Self-Defense System
HaganaH is primarily a mix of Israeli martial arts - called Krav Maga and Hisardut - and the modern Israeli military system LOTAR. The approaches are all combat-proven to work in a real life setting against today's types of threats. All are blended together in a unique way so that only the strongest most tactically sound approaches from each system are used. There are no uniforms; no bowing. Only practical, simple to learn material is included. It is inovatively structured, using tactics unique to HaganaH and oriented toward maximizing an individual's effectiveness in the minimum time frame. HaganaH represents the best tactics in use by Israeli Special Forces operators, police and other professional confronted with violence on a daily basis. To this day HaganaH is enhanced by updated tactics flowing out of Israel, and also from information provided by more than 50 programs across America teaching it.

HaganaH is unlike a traditional martial art. It's a self-defense system created with everyone in mind. Regardless of experience, strength or size, HaganaH helps individuals feel confident in their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones. All HaganaH tactics are simple and build upon natural reactions to various situations. They are designed to work even at a great size and strength disadvantage.

HaganaH teaches effective self-defense strategies to use to respond to the most common and most severe types of attacks. Continuous training of these same techniques reinforces them, so when an attack happens the response is immediate and natural. Practitioner's bodies "know" what to do to protect them. HaganaH does not require years of training. After just one class students experience how easy it is to learn - and are amazed at what they can do. Just a few months yields proficiency. Our system is easy to learn and hard to forget!

You don't have to be in great shape to start HaganaH. In fact , if you are out of shape this will be one of the best way for you to get in shape, while having a blast doing it! The more you do it, the better you will feel. While you learn to defend yourselve, HaganaH will help you tone your body, lose weight, increase flexibility and build functional strength. 

HaganaH provides a self-defense and fitness improvement solution for every type of individual - civilian ,  law enforcement and military personnel.
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