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Hi Everybody,


My name is Mike Lee Kanarek. Welcome to our National Headquarters HaganaH-USA website. It has been more then 20 years since I opened my first Martial Arts School here in South Florida. The beginning was very humbling and through trial and error, our school has grown tremendously to become one of the nation's leading Martial Arts Schools in the country and a pioneering rock to the "Reality-Fighting" movement.

When you want to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones - you don't want it to take years to learn. Traditional Martial Arts take years to perfect, introducing material in stages and by belt level curriculums that only delay your becoming effective in defending yourself. In fact, traditional Martial Arts have very little to do with real life self-defense. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that has gained a lot of publicity in the last few years due to the UFC and Pride. While MMA is closer to Reality-Fighting than traditional Martial Arts are, it is still not a real fight. In an MMA fight, the competitor knows he is only confronted with a single attacker in a frontal direction. In training and fighting in such manner the athlete focuses his/her vision forward only and constantly rotates side to side to keep the opponent aligned. In Reality-Fighting, things are completely different! To begin with, most one-on-one confrontations are the result of an ambush and come out of nowhere, (which brings to the table a completely different level of stress.) Then there is the issue of multiple attackers, weapon deployment, etc etc.

A different world!

If traditional Martial Arts or MMA is your interest, we are NOT the school for you.
HaganaH is designed specifically for Reality-Fighting and the specialty of the house is worst case self-defense scenarios. As an Israeli system that can trace its origins directly to the battlefields in the Middle East, the practicality of our system is matched by none. Professional Martial Arts instructors and Law Enforcement personnel from all over the country travel to our school all the time to upgrade their existing systems of self-defense. 

HaganaH's philosophy is that no one has the right to touch you with malicious intent and anyone who does should be dealt with immediately and aggressively to enable you to be safe and secure at the end of the day.  

Welcome to the top of the food chain in self-defense and reality fighting training.


                                       Haganah Ship- Israeli Defense                           

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